We help our clients to
Build Digital Products

We accelerate digital products to market by
scaling up agile, cross-functional product team.

We help our clients to
Build Digital Products

From concept to market, our agile, cross-functional product team delivers your digital needs.


Health Care

We help both start-ups as well as established companies in healthcare achieve HIPPA compliant solutions to improve and advance business outcomes.


We deliver exceptional, custom solutions for leaders in the Less Than Truck Load (LTL), Truck Load (TL), and Ocean Freight sectors.

Applied Technology

We assist organizations in successfully deploying customized solutions to advance and streamline business services.

Recent Work

ExplORer Surgical

ExplORer is an interactive surgical playbook that promotes optimal teamwork in the operating room. Best practices are built into a surgeon-customized workflow for each case. Surgical activity can be tracked and adjusted as part of a learning health system. This means safer and more efficient surgery.

OAK Street Health – PRM

Oak Street Health (OSH) is a leading provider health services in Midwest. Our team built a custom HIPPA solution for Patient Relationship Managers (PRM) to gain insight of their activities and pipeline. This solution allows OSH to increase visibility and performance of PRM team and remove dependencies of high security risk data files with PHI on local machines and cloud platforms.

AG TeleHealth

TeleHealth is proprietary Tele Medicine solution for small clinics and in home care business that allows open access to doctor consultations without leaving a home or remote facility. High Definition Video enables doctors with help of nurse to do remote check-ups. This bring quality care to remote locations that used to be hard to get and required a big effort for patient to receive expert doctor time.

Our Process

Our software development process is oriented around high-visibility and preserving maximum flexibility during the engineering effort. We use a familiar and industry-standard agile Scrum process that pulls our client stakeholders in to a close collaboration.


We believe in the Agile principles and values. Rapid development and small time to market allows our team to align requested solutions to practical implementation and use.


All our projects are delivered utilizing pure Scrum framework. This enables our team to take on large and complex projects without compromising quality.


Our solutions are result-oriented, while still reducing both costs and time spent developing. Our goal is to deliver real-world applicability in our work.

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